I'm a Zalora ZCOOP Contributor

August 12, 2017

Amer Ridzuan as the contributor

Hi, guys.

Stop thinking about the previous problems (about the people sabotage me).

I am done with it.
Move on.

Further, I am so enthusiastic to tell you about the ZCOOP Magazine by ZALORA and I'm one of the contributors!

Actually, I have received it months ago and already started to post some articles for that virtual magazine. But, since I have limited time to always blogging, thus I didn't announce here. Sorry.

As you can see on top of my side bar, I already put my contributor badge there. Every time you are free, click it and explore.

It's so cool tho. You can find many categories in there. Not only about the Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Entertainment, and Relationship also one of them.

And most importantly, I'm there too!

So what are you waiting for?

Here are some of my articles. Need to kick my butt off and be more productive after this. Wanna contribute more.

How Can Gents Stay Stylish All Year Long

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  1. Congrats and keep writing nice articles ya ...

  2. Collaboration ke mcm mna tu?

    1. Contribute utk jadi penulis majalah nih je.. Lebih kurang collab la jugak hehe

  3. Woww.. Mmg amerzing ni hihii.. Congrats amer

  4. wow that's great! Congrats bro :D

  5. I got this offer too, but I'm too lazy to be consistent in blogging hahaha. then i neglected it. btw congrats bro :D

    1. Lol grab that chance Aiman! Thanks anyway :)