Short Footage in Multimedia University Melaka (MMU)

August 28, 2017

Hi, Guys!

Are you planning to enter MMU Melaka?

A very very very short video for you guys. Some of you might have seen this video on my Instagram (@ameridzuan) but never mind. Because this time I want to share it again with my readers and bloggers.

MMU Melaka is just a small campus. Bear in mind that MMU has 3 campuses which are in Cyberjaya, Melaka, and Nusajaya. Surprisingly, even though we are just a small one, but we have approximately 10 thousand students which definitely more than other campuses. Quite big huh? 

Undoubtedly, it's a big community where you can suit yourself in it, make friends and yeah! Have a fun uni-life.

For your information, it's located really near to Bukit Beruang. In fact, this campus is actually on that hill. Lol. So, guess what. Every morning you will feel like you are living in the semi-winter season that chained your body on your bed. 

I always late for the morning classes. Sighh..

Anyway, you can find more in MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY.

Here are the 2 short footages of MMU Melaka in the evening. Who ever planning to get enrolled here, these footages might strengthen your desire. 

Worth your 30 seconds with these videos!

Have fun!

This is from the front gate to Dataran President Square.

Walking down the road and some buildings.

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  1. kelayakkan untuk masuk situ brapa kredit Mer?

    1. Itu tak pasti lah. Boleh usha dekat page dia hehehe.. Kalau bab life boleh la nak cerita :3