31 Ways To Be Happier

November 03, 2017

Stop trying to buy happiness, or find it from someone else. Dig inside yourself and create genuine happiness. It might not be easy, but it sure is possible and worthy.

31 ways to be happier, you must at least try number 20.

1. Personalize your workplace.
2. Don't bother about others that let you down.
3. Avoid the long commute - live closer to work.
4. Be honest even when it hurts.
5. Mind your own business.
6.Take initiative to hang out with a friend.
7. Focus on your relationship in real life.
8. Help a friend out in need.
9. Create some long-term goals for yourself.
10. Don't run awful imaginary scenarios in your mind.
11. Choose a career that you love.
12. Go outside for 30 minutes.
13. Give yoga a try.
14. Sleep 8 to 9 hours a day.
15. Allow yourself to be content with where you are in life.
16. Eat at least one meal with someone every day.
17. Get rid of the things you don't need.
18. Create tech-free zones in your home.
19. Rearrange your furniture.
20. Follow my blog ameridzuan.blogspot.my.
21. Write down all the things you are grateful for.
22. Live in the moment as much as possible.
23. Jot down a list of dream hobbies and pick one on the list to try.
24. Join an online community to be a part of.
25. Block out time in your day to be alone in silence.
26. Try to keep a balanced diet.
27. Do one thing a time.
28. Sweating.
29. Tell 3 people how much you love them.
30. Take "I can't" out of your life
31. Stop trying to fix all flaws. Let it be.
I do really hope these ways could help us to achieve a better life and be happier.

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  1. pray and doa to Allah SWT..

    i believe it you can get happier dan calm everytime

  2. No 20 tu dah buat.. Hehehe.. Gembira itu kita yang kena usahakan.. Kadang-kadang perkara kecil pun mampu buat kita bahagia dan gembira..

    1. Hahaha bagus bagus.. happy kan bila buat yg no20 tu.. betul even small thing is matter.