11.11 Singles' Day Sales

November 10, 2017

As usual, my all-time favorite online platform is ZALORA!

So, let's see where does my money go...

1. Canvas Backpack by ZALORA

I bought this bag because it's so convenient especially for a student that needs to bring their laptop here and there (it has a special compartment to place laptop). Plus, I really need to replace my backpack since it's from ASUS that explicitly show their logo on the bag, so for the sake of safeness... I can't wear it in public. Even though sometimes I don't bring a laptop in it but it will attract thief tho...

2. Foliage Print Detachable Watch by 24:01

I just in love with whatever things that have abstract on it like this. So I buy it.  (Kemahuan semata-mata tanpa unsur keperluan...sorry money) Meh... come to papa, quick!

3. Small Motif Short Sleeve Shirt by JAXON

One of my favorite brands, JAXON. Maybe because it offers some sort of the cheapest item in ZALORA. Who doesn't love cheap stuff? Lol. Other than that, I buy this because of the texture, cotton blend! It must be airy and comfort! To add-on, I don't have this color yet.

4. White Tapered Jeans by ZALORA

I don't have this color yet too and I love white (no, I'm lying)... hm ok lemme be honest, I was influenced by the shirt model above. (okay now you are scrolling up, right) He wore white pants with that shirt.  Isn't it cool?? Say no more, I buy!  

I will post a review about them when they arrive and maybe some unwrapping pictures. Stay tuned!

So guys! What are you waiting for? The offer for this 11.11 event is about to end. Place your order on ZALORA now. Shop exclusive deals from 9 to 12 November 2017!


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