SAPS IBUBAPA : Check Your Children Exam Results Online

November 02, 2017


Check your children's exam results online. It's easier and convenient.

Sistem Analisis Peperiksaan Sekolah (SAPS) is an online system created by the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) to store school exam data throughout Malaysia. This system eases parents and students to review the result of the exam, as well as the teachers to enter the exam score online. This SAPS system can also be accessed and used by the school, KPM, JPN, and PPD.

This system only involves Primary School students from Standard 1 to Standard 6 and Secondary School students from Form 1 until Form 5. All examination results can be reviewed via the SAPS website include Test 1, Test 2, Mid-Year Exam, Trial Exam, and Final Exam. However, it is restricted for public examinations such as PMR, PT3, and SPM. For more info, click here.

Some parents might be busy and have limited time to go to school and ask the teachers about their kids' achievement but with this system, the parents stay updated about their kids' performance in school. And unfortunately, the children cannot lie or kept their Report Cards away from their parents anymore. Every parent wants to see their children excel in academic and non-academic activities. So, here are the steps for reviewing the children's exam results.


1. Browse to the SAPS page
2. Complete the information of the students such as NRIC/Birth Certificate, State, School name and Year.
3. Click on "Semak"
4. Choose Year and Type of Exam that you want to review.
5. Click "Papar Slip Keputusan" or " Papar Markah Keputusan"

Example: Papar Slip Keputusan

It's super easy! Now you as a parent can check your children's progress anytime and everywhere you like.

What if NRIC can not be checked?
If this happens, parents should contact and inform this to the teacher of the student class. This is due to the error during key in the student details in APDM.

Additionally, MOE has also created a new page which is

SISTEMKPM.COM is a new forum to provide information about MOE systems. Any references and queries related to the educational systems are now available here. Currently, government employees such as teachers need to send email for inquiries and have to wait for a long time to get the answers. However, via this forum, frequently asked questions regarding educational systems will not be using email anymore.

There are a lot MOE systems available in this forum such as APDM, eGTukar, eOperasi, ePangkatePerolehan, ePrestasi, eSPLG, HRMIS, PAJSK and SSO. Fortunately, SAPS IBUBAPA also one of the systems available in this forum. Now everything you need is at your fingertips.

For example, eGTukar is an online system to manage the exchange of teachers in Malaysia under MOE. This system is only opened twice a year in April for the exchange in June and September for January exchange.

Other than that, PAJSK an abbreviation for "Pendidikan Aktiviti Jasmasi Sukan Kokurikulum" is another online system available that is used by the teachers to conduct PAJSK Assessment according to the format and guidelines set by the MOE.

Just click and choose. I believe that this is really helpful especially for the workaholics that might have a short time to send an email and wait for any inquiries. Perhaps this forum would be a great enhancement for us.

I hope this post would help you in any way.  

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