6 Things: How I Get Dean List in Foundation?

November 03, 2017

Before that, I want to thank Allah for giving me rezeki and ease my journey.

It might be a bit late to tell you guys about my foundation year, but I feel like I want to share it now. Some of you might say, "It's only foundation, easy...", nahhh I still want to share it here.

I ended my foundation year with CGPA 3.9, quite good because the best is 4.0. Some of my juniors and friends asked me how do I achieve that. So here is how I did it. I suggest these based on my own way, might be a bit different with yours.

1. I always reward myself

I always set my mind that if I'm able to finish something I targeted at the particular time, I will get a half an hour of freedom. Mostly, I will take some rest and bang my head while listening to mild-core kind of music. I also set my rest time, not more than 30 minutes.

2. My "Study Awal" concept

For me, study awal doesn't mean you must remember all the content two months earlier before the final is started. I don't memorize things that early. I rather understand the terrible and complicated theories that always make me fail to answer the question first then I will memories them 2 days before the paper started hahahahahah #sohonest

I extracted the important points from the actual source and make my own notes. It helps me so much especially when I was dumped into the "last minute study".

3. Use different color pens.

Colors can help you managed your memories but honestly, I only have 3 colors. Black, Blue, and Red. Hahahahah

= Topic statement/ facts
Blue = Explainations
Red = Crucial/additional facts

4. Explore, explore, explore

I'm now studying in university, so I don't expect the questions will only cover on what the lecturers taught. I love to explore because of my anxiety to know more is so strong especially the one that I don't understand. Use the internet wisely.

5. Put handphone away.

This is the biggest problems for me. I am easy to be distracted. So I put my phone on my bed or away from my sight. NOT ON THE STUDY TABLE OBVIOUSLY.

6. I have a quote

Every semester I will have a quote to hold on whenever I feel down to earth. The latest quote was "We don't necessarily have to know everything but we have to be willing to learn". I chose this because I felt so numb and bad when it comes to chemistry. I have very little knowledge about it but that is not an excuse.

Amer Ridzuan.

So, here are 6 things that I can share with. Hope these would help. If you have any other tips, please comment below. You are warmly welcome to do so.

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  1. wow! tahniah mer, 3.9 is amazing enough as you are a foundation student! thanks for the tips jugak :)

  2. Wow congrats! Feel free to read my new post :) http://littlebluei.blogspot.my/2017/11/meds.html

  3. to be honest I really loved tips like this.. hahaha still have a long way to be in a dean list huhu T^T padahal dah akhir sem,..