Pamper Myself At Night

November 04, 2017

Hi guys!

"What I Do To Pamper Myself At Night", this might sound extremely silly.

but hm... nevermind -_-

There was a boy named Amer that can't sleep if he doesn' have his Toto and "his Bantal". Wait, I still can sleep without that "bantal", hmm maybe just without my Toto.

Just so you know, I went to a boarding school after I finished my primary school and it took me some time to adapt to the new bed sheet. A rough school-provided bed sheet particularly. Contrast to my fluffy and smooth Toto. Fyi, Toto is one of the smoothest bed sheets that I have ever owned. Lol.

So, when I was in Form 1, for the first few weeks in the boarding school, I can't sleep well. Woke up in the creepy middle of the night for several days and heard some creepy little voices..ok stop at there. I woke up in the midnight and I just can't have a good freaking sleep. So what do I do to pamper myself and have a nice sleep then?

I wrapped my body in my blanket. Yes, seriously, I wrapped my entire body with it. Actually, it prevents me from fall down from my bed too. Hehe...

When I wrapped, my feet can feel the smoothness of the blanket and ease myself to sleep (even though that blanket was also provided by the school but at least it was not as rough as the bed sheet tho, for real!)

Until one day, my friend (his bed was beside mine) woke up in the midnight and was utterly struck dumb when he saw me wrapped in my blanket hahahahahha... I don't know what happened to him but he told me to stop doing that in the next morning. So, I stopped.

After several months, I stopped doing that because sometimes I felt hot by the way, bad ventilation. But still, as the replacement, I just wrapped my feet, not my body. This only last for few months until I entirely stop doing those weird things. And luckily, now, I can sleep on whatever and where ever but I still prefer a smooth blanket. Congrats to my freaking clingy head. Hahaha lol...

Amer Ridzuan. 

Mind to share your pampering story in the comment too okay!

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  1. Akak pula panas ke sejuk ke mesti berselimut.. Kalau tak ada selimut memang tak boleh nak tidur.. Hahaha..

    1. Hahaha amer kena ada je.. pakai ke tidak tak kisah..

  2. I also need my bantal dan smooth blanket. So comfortable. hihi.