You & Me

March 03, 2020

... got a whole lot of history. 

In this leap year, I never thought that my life would feel complete again even though just for a moment.

I would like to quote a Korean culture where they call it jeong (정), which refers to the emotional and psychological attachment between people. They said a couple who when a married couple has a lot of fights and unable to stand each other but they may be still living together because of jeong. The concept also applies to the attachment to old blankets and items with the sentimental value which you could barely fall asleep without it.

It's basically an unbreakable bond and I think, we also got that jeong. We haven't met and gather for a while and I didn't blame anyone. It's just the time passes and we are in our own way. I keep getting the feeling that we wanna leave this all behind. So I thought maybe I wouldn't get to fell that kind of moment again in my life.

But last night, I started to feel like the old-time, like home, when we laughed and enjoyed ourselves a lot. It's so invaluable which I will keep it evergreen in my mind. Those memories (cheers and tears) that we made, those short night-walk by the river, everything will be eternal.

I don't know how to describe more on this because it's so awkward. But, you guys will always have a spot in me. A little spot which I'll always keep it fresh. Thanks for everything. May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you.

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