7 Style Tips For Men

May 12, 2017

Men are always having the dress up issues since they rarely think about their look.  Here are the best seven things that you can start working on it, right now.

1.    Ready to spend more money for a cloth.

For the reason being, quality plays the biggest role when it comes to purchasing something. Quality endures longer than quantity. It can make your look better in it. You can start to shop for a suit even if you do not need them.

Take your measurements and put it in your wallet or wardrobe. So they can always come in handy when you are shopping.

2.     Invest in some small accessories.

This is the time to own a watch that you can wear with the suit. Go and get a new classy wallet. People always think that the thicker the wallet will get more attention. Truth be told, the slimmer, the better. It’ll make you look more pleasant when you haul it out to pay for things. A small accessory can extraordinarily elevate your apparent.

3.    Belt, necktie, and bag are included.

Wear a necktie when you don’t have to, just for fun. Expand your belt collection by looking for some vintage buckles. Forget your basic school belt. You can also try to wear a suspender, but never both at the same time. 

4. Hairstyle must be on point.

Watch hairstyle tutorials or the 2017 trending hairstyle for men. Get some product for your hair. If you already use a product, try a different product. Make it more stylish, shining, wet and neat. Grab the one that is trusted, okay. Let they see you as a high paid model.

5. Own more shoes.

Two pairs are never enough. Get some more and vary the styles. You should have at least 5 type of shoes every man should own which is the casual shoe, cool sneaker, dress shoe, casual office shoe, and boot. Shoes are the most underrated tools for a guy.

6. Read.

Go and read some book of style, a magazine or an article. Read something about fashion and men. Either it is outdated or updated is not a big deal. Just get exposed to something new that can generate brilliant ideas. By reading, you can enhance many things and improve your skills.

7.  Try some new store.

You can start visiting a menswear store that you have never been to. See what you like. Attempt not constrain yourself to a few your most loved brands. You can subscribe to their e-mail list if you like the store and receive updates about their sales and promotions that your friend might miss it.

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  1. Nice tips . Boleh share info nie dengan suami nadia nie . =)

    1. Thank you.. Sharelah dengan sapa2 pun agar lebih bermanfaat :)

  2. I've always love men with style. Yang tak handsome pon boleh jadi handsome if they know how to style themselves.
    Nice tips btw, so Amerzinggg!

    1. Yknow right hahahaha... terasa sangat part yang tak handsome tu hahahahahahha jkjk

  3. tgh sekolah ni tk dpat teman nk brgayaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ tapi takpe. Amer punya blog akan ku jadikan panduan. qbal ramlan mmg sangat buta tentang fesyenπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Hahaha.. sokay2.. thanks sebab jadikan AMERZING sebagai panduan fesyen hahahah cewah terharu jap

  4. great info...wow hebat tulis bhasa inggeris...

  5. Tips yang rancak, boleh dicoba nanti klo dah nikah.

  6. Hye Amer hewhew . Thanks for the info . I really needs more shoes Q.Q . It is hard to find new clothes with my badan yg kurus kering thoo :( hahaha
    Workout tips next post perhaps ? XD

    1. Hi Arif! Yes we all need more shoes. Hahaha.. I feel you bro, I'm "kering" too.. Well I will work on it. Working tips soon :)