May 24, 2017

People. Do. Overly. Be. Judgemental.

The previous night, I was lying on my bed after struggling with the hustle and bustle of staying up late until 3 a.m. Scrolling my Twitter and Instagram because that's the only time I have to scroll them until I found a long confession from a Malay girl in a tweet.

She is a part-time waiter at a food stall/restaurant that works to take and serve orders to the customer. Until one time, she took an order from a Malay man and his son.

Based on her story, that man speaks English with his son instead of Malay..hmm great, right?

The son wanted to order and also ask something to her, but his father said "Speak Malay, she might not understand", and then the girl replied that she could understand English and that's okay, but that is not the point because for me consideration is good. We should care about others too.

Then, when she served the order, that man asked "What are you studying? It must be Hospitality in UiTM, is it? That's why you are working with food and beverage, right?".

Do you eager about her reply?

She told that she is taking Computer Science at University Malaya and this is just a part-time job. That man was shocked and questioned why did she work. She said that it is just for her side income and a lot of her friends also do this. Then, he was like "Oh ok good, good".

There were not that many customers at that moment, as she walked away, the man said to his son, "I'll work so you don't have to do the part-time job ok".

Dude, I'm so upset like relly upset. Yes, I do agree that this man is trying to do the best for his progeny but at the same time why did he act like that? Just why?

Is doing a part-time job means first you are compulsory to be a UiTM student? and even if that man has a thousand billion asset, it doesn't mean that he can freely ook down on people based on their job.

Guys, other advanced countries even encourage their youth to work and be independent. Stop depending on the family, find their own way.

Some students work to fulfill their needs and some of them because they must. Family background is one of the reasons. Not all of us were born in the silver spoon and so do I.

and whoever says "Study well or not you will be the cleaner". Please, is being a cleaner is that damn bad? I respect all the cleaners because they are willing to work and clean the dirt made by these low-class minded people.

C'mon guys, get rid of this 3rd class mentality. Malaysia needs more than that. Spread more positives vibes tho.

If you want to critic or complain or judge, there is a better and right way. Consider to write a complaint letter but absolutely not by underestimating others.

This is so pitiful.

If you are reading this, I hope you can understand.

What do you say?

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  1. awesome.. good info.. ������

  2. suka sgt pndg rendah org keje sebegini... x boleh ke selalu bersangka baik?

  3. elsa baca jugak benda tu dekat facebook. customer tu terlampau kaya sangat kot. biasanya itulah perangai orang kaya. coweyy hm

  4. Why he is so judgemental?? I don't see any wrong doing part time job as long u able to manage ur study. In fact many student LOVE to do part time job. Apart of having extra pocket money, this can avoid them from involve in any immoral activities that become so crucial nowadays.

  5. fully frustrated with this kind of people.
    what goes around come around right? so, let it be...

    lagipun jadi part time best what, tanpa student yang rela jadi part-timer ni, takdenya shopping mall yang berlambak or kedai makan yang berlambak tu akan ada pekerja...pastu complain, malaysia banyak penganggur...what??

  6. Yes I do read this tweet too. And I'm so frustrated to have this kind of people in the world. Hmm, bila-bila ja Allah boleh tarik rezeki dia :(

    and now i know apa f&b yg diorang mksudkan dlm tweet tu hahaha.

  7. Ehhh membara je baca perangai mamat tu, berlagak dia nauzubillah. Sekali Tuhan tarik nikmat "kesenangan" dia untuk anak-anak dia baru tau langit tinggi rendah.

    "Judging a person doesnt define who they are, it define who you are".

  8. huh! what a daddy ...tapi, betullah, manusia ni memang ada yg suka menilai orang tanpa periksa asal usul kan ...teringat pula time mrs pip masih bekerja jadi engineer dulu, so habis balik dari site, segala kasut boot tu penuh lumpur and kotor, baju kerja pun kotor, then kebetulan ada visit dari HQ ... ada sorang trainee tu, dia nampak mrs pip terus dia cakap "yang ni siapa? clerk or cleaner?" .... mak oiiii ... just because mud was all over my boots and clothes, boleh pula cakap begitu kan .. and mrs pip jawab "I'm a clerk here, and a cleaner too" ... then Project Manager yang terdengar perbualan kitorang terus jawab "she is our Quality Engineer, your senior" ... tersipu-sipu trainee tu ...
    huh! what a life.

  9. "I'll work so you don't have to do part time job ok"

    Best nya jadi anak encik tu.. Tapi bila ajal datang, si anak nak buat macam mana pulak? tak ada basic langsung nak survive. wallahua'lam..

  10. Guys, don't be this kind of parents. Serious.

  11. Great story to share. Memang mostly orng akan pandang rendah kat some universiti atau poli padahal we should give some respect to students sebab diaorang still make an effort to continue their study. Haish

  12. singgah kjap .. SALAM RAMADHAN amer . huhuhu . aril menjelma lg

  13. Why? Frustrated Mrs. A baca its meleis hurm... walaupun macam takde kena mengena jer dengan bangsa tapi itulah its meleis yang membuatkan lagi emo tu. Walaupun bukan semua meleis begitu.

  14. Mostly rude kids ni memang dari parents yang melampau macam ni...