As It Comes To An End

May 21, 2017

Foundation year has gone so fast obviously, but it really takes a lot out of me. I always thought that foundation year is just like the spm year. Where I need to struggle day and night to sustain my pointer. Do revision every second because I only have 3 months for 6 hardcore subjects to score, but it's really not like that!
I think I had a lot of fun this year. I gained and learned so much. Every day was so packed with classes but we still have the weekend for some chilling. Went to Dataran Pahlawan until 3 am, stayed at the main field until Subuh. 

I am gonna miss all that. A year felt like a month. 

So short until I forgot to cancel the date on my calendar. 

Now it is coming to an end, and last week was the last class for the foundation year and I don't cry. Hahahaha...but I was a bit touched not because of the ending, but because I've grown up. 
So here let's recap some precious memories:

Honestly, I never thought that in university also have the house system like the primary and secondary school. What a joke! But hard to deny, our orientation week was the best. The best ever! 

Thank you to all our OCs. You guys are rock! So many memories. Orientation night. Sapientia!!!!

My very first outing with this annoying buddy. I never know him until we went for an explorace in the town then we met. I think the thing that makes us started to talk was "SBP ke dulu?". Well, SBP brotherhood games strong. He is from STAR IPOH anyway and his name is Mail. 

So classy, ikr. Hahah!

p/s: I know he won't read this for sure. Mail if you read this, please comment only good vibes. :)

I told you yes I told you, my face was .... I don't know which word can describe the best how tired were we back there. This was our first V7 "Jati Diri" camp. Can you imagine, we need to walk in the mud... I mean the "dirty and smelly" mud. People call it "longkang". 

Then, we need to crawl into the "terowong bawah jalan" that has very very very nice smell with green smoothie gell-like wall and urghhh I don't want to describe more. They said a crocodile live in there but who care. 

Just look at our fake smile. 

This is Sophie. No hidden intention. She is my classmate and also jpamara scholar. I love this picture, that's all. Thanks Sophie for all your assignment and lab reports answers. 

Btw, this picture was taken after our muet-like speaking test. First sem! Still young. 

p/s: Sophie, if only you read this. Just keep it silent.

Can you see my face? I hope you will understand how fed up I was when it comes to the final weeks. When I lost my appetite, when I lost my hopes, when my heart is empty and also when my calculator was broken and I lost my favorite pen too. Pathetic... 

This was in my 1st sem when the library was still my friend. 

Now so-so...

Well, I would consider this as one of the best memory for this year. I can't imagine how hard my life would be, how pale my day would be and how dry my heart would be if I am losing you guys. 

Ahhhhh, you guys don’t know how much you mean to me. You guys are the best and the worstWe set a gateway to the heaven Pulau Tioman after the 2nd sem has ended. 

I have shared a lot in 3 Days 2 Night in Tioman Island. Have a read!

The second V7 camp. I also wrote this in Road to Uganda. You should read it too! It was not as bad as the first camp. More towards self-esteem development and completing our high impact project. 

If you have read the Road to Uganda, fyi, we have decided to go to Kabong, Kuching in March 2018. May God ease everything. 

...and this is the very first complete picture of my classmate. Yes, only 3 handsome men in the class. Thank you so much especially to the one that I always asked for the assignment answers and tutorial. Thanks because let me copy all your answers. I don't know what will happen to me if without you guys. 

Thank you so much! Hope to see you in the first year degree. *showing love*

So, it is a wrap. I have finished my foundation year.
Now, let's strive for the final paper and end it with flying color!
Wish us luck!

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  1. Congrats Amer. All the best for your future undertaking ok. And welcome to degree life :)

  2. Congratulations and good luck with your finals.. :D

  3. Nah... with ur face expression? hahahahah... I felt u bro...

  4. 'Do revision every second because I only have 3 months for 6 hardcore subjects to score, but it's really not like that!'

    Lol this XD me too!

    Congratz and May Allah ease everything bruh!

  5. agreed that 'a year felt like a month. cepat sangat masa berlalu macam tak terkejar rasanya. But neway, student life kan

  6. Wahhh, congratulations Amer, and good luck for your future :D

  7. tahniah. semoga berjaya pada masa akan datang :)

  8. "This was our first V7 "Jati Diri" camp."

    Nampak masing-masing muka penat dan kelakar je Mrs. A tengok opppssss... sorry gurau jer..

    Congratulations! and all the best for your future undertaking.

  9. Haha, when I was a student, I would avoid library entirely. But once I got up the nerve to revisit it, I will choose an innocuous and demon-free zone to read and revise.

    Anyways, congratulations! All the best in your life, here in this dunya and akhira.

  10. InsyaAllah, you'll pass the exam with flying colours! Because you made it till the end kan, so you should't be worried too much k. All the best! 💪

  11. I stayed in Malacca for 3 months. Used to hang out at DP and had so fun shopping at Mahkota Parade mall.. Miss Melaka so bad. Btw, thinking about nostalgic things makes life stay alive. ^^