=== THE AUTHOR ===

Hi, I'm Amer Ridzuan, a Malaysian! 

I was born in Pahang but have lived most of my life in Kedah. Graduated in Bs. Sc. (Hons.) in Bioinformatics in Multimedia University, Melaka. Currently, I'm working in Intel Penang.

I proudly admit that I'm a beautifully weird and refuse to stay as a kid because being a kid is not cool. I'm so excited to be an adult maybe because I always wanted to travel away, have a lot of money in my pocket, and buy many cars. ( obviously influenced by the TV shows.)  

So, when I was 7, I kept asking my mom "Am I an adult yet?" like every day.

In short, I have a little toy. I become one of those boring kid that loses their sense of fun, adventure, and innocence and forgets to laugh at themselves! Still, I never regret it.

I'm always wanted to launch my own site but was so scared by the judgy eyes. Thank God, I decided to start counting the flower petals - "Do it!" or "Don't do it!"...and unfortunately, the last petal was "Do it!" (seriously)

Thus, I launched my blog in November 2016.

 === THE BLOG ===

My blog, Amerzing is dedicated to giving you all of the information that you deserve on whatever the topic may be about. Mostly I blog about lifestyle, study hacks, blogging tips, and personal stuff at the same time being kept entertained and more importantly giving you inspiration, hope, and strength that you deserve on a regular basis, whilst being myself.

I’m always trying to be authentic – so at times, my photos and posts may make you think, "hmmmm... rightttttttt..." – you know that I am expressing my life.

So, go pour yourself a glass of water, sit down, relax, and check out my blog.

Welcome to Amerzing!