=== THE AUTHOR ===

Hi, I'm Amer Ridzuan, a Malaysian! 

I was born in Pahang but have lived most of my life in Kedah. Graduated in Bs. Sc. (Hons.) in Bioinformatics in Multimedia University, Melaka. Currently, I'm working in Intel Penang as a Software Engineer.

I proudly admit that I'm a beautifully weird and refuse to stay as a kid because being a kid is not cool. I'm so excited to be an adult maybe because I always wanted to travel away, have a lot of money in my pocket, and buy many cars. ( obviously influenced by the TV shows.)  

So, when I was 7, I kept asking my mom "Am I an adult yet?" like every day.

In short, I have a little toy. I become one of those boring kid that loses their sense of fun, adventure, and innocence and forgets to laugh at themselves! Still, I never regret it.

I'm always wanted to launch my own site but was so scared by the judgy eyes. Thank God, I decided to start counting the flower petals - "Do it!" or "Don't do it!"...and unfortunately, the last petal was "Do it!" (seriously)

Thus, I launched my blog in November 2016.

 === THE BLOG ===

My blog, Amerzing is dedicated to giving you all of the information that you deserve on whatever the topic may be about. Mostly I blog about lifestyle, study hacks, blogging tips, and personal stuff at the same time being kept entertained and more importantly giving you inspiration, hope, and strength that you deserve on a regular basis, whilst being myself.

I’m always trying to be authentic – so at times, my photos and posts may make you think, "hmmmm... rightttttttt..." – you know that I am expressing my life.

So, go pour yourself a glass of water, sit down, relax, and check out my blog.

Welcome to Amerzing!