5 Factors That Slow Down a Website (Must Know!)

March 08, 2020

Hello guys!

Today I've learned a little bit about website performance optimization particularly on the factors that slow down our web page. So, here I would like to share them with all of you too. I have made it into a simpler bullet form so that it's easier to see and understand. I hope it helps!

1. Third-party online ad network
  • Online advertisement (mostly based on Javascript) can slow down a website
2. Poor choice of web host
  • The web host cannot keep up with the demand when the resource-intensive website is used
  • Hence, the website will experience a slow and intermittent page load
3. Too many widgets and plugins 
  • The shiny-looking plugin or widget that promises useful features could be the main slow-loading culprit 
  • The more plugins and widgets installed, the more work it requires for it to load
  • Not using Gzip compression
  • Gzip compresses CSS, Javascript and HTML files by more than 50% of the file size
  • When the Gzip compression is not used, it takes more time to load web pages and use more bandwidth

4. External embedded media
  • The fancier the web pages are, the slower it is going to load 
  • Videos, music and image slideshows are great sources of content, but they can also add more codes to the web page, affecting page load speed
  • Unsuitable browsers and apps
  • Flash causes a website to slow down and it is not compatible with most mobile devices 
  • Browsers such as Chrome do not work well with some plugins 
5. Large image file sizes
  • Uploading large images to the website slows down the site when these images are loaded on browsers. 
  • The solution is to trim their size (usually measured in pixels) and weight (measured in kb) of each image before they are uploaded.

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