We Spent About RM90 for Lunch at IKEA. (IKEA Food Ratings)

March 06, 2020

Hello guys!! First of all, I don't get into the food coma, no worries.


Have you read the title? Yes, Amsyar and I spent RM92.50 for all those food in the pictures at IKEA Batu Kawan, Penang. Are you shocked? Me either because we didn't even get the honey soy beef ribs. I kinda regret tho.

Let's see what we have here, hm we got spicy chicken wings, meatballs, pasta, cakes (the almond nut cake is super delicious), some pieces of bread, mushroom soup, and Crème brûlée.

How about the taste? 

Briefly, we start with the main course. The pasta and meatballs are typical I could say. It's overrated especially the meatballs but I love the idea of serving it with green beans, so healthy. I'm sorry IKEA meatballs lover. The spicy chicken wing is what you should have every time you go there. The fried chicken is so crunchy and the sauce is gravy. It's a seasonal menu. Last time I went to IKEA Cheras, they have salted egg chicken wings. So I couldn't promise you anything.

Next are the side dishes. The Crème brûlée is super sweet, well that's its nature, but I would not recommend much (not healthy). The good side of it is we can bring back the glass as if we have bought it with that. We bought two cakes on that day, the almond cake and berries cheesecake, but  I would love to recommend the almond cake more. It's not so sweet but it's so creamy. I don't know how to describe but PLEASE BUY IT! The berries cheesecake is like a normal cake.  Mushroom soup is thick, I like it. The pastries are just good. Nothing much about that.

Let's rate! *This is based on personal preferences*
- Meatballs (7.89/10) - 0.89 for the green beans lol
- Pasta (6.33/10)
- Salted egg chicken wings (8.59/10)
- Almond cake (9.999999999/10)
- Berries cheesecake (7.52/10)
- Pastries (6.8/10)
- Crème brûlée (7.42/10)
- Mushroom soup (6.741/10)
- Soft drinks (6/10)

Hahaha, I'm being so biased towards almond cake!

So were they worth the price? I think yes because I love the serving service, it's so convenient. The taste is so good and gravy and most importantly, it's served fresh and hot. I would go there again!

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  1. That is a lot of food for 2! I have only tired the meatballs before. Honestly, not really a fan of it.

    1. Hahaha bukan selalu. I agree with you about the meatball.

  2. mahalnya! Abam Kie beli di restoran biasa2 je la...

    1. Boleh la kalau Abam Kie nk try. Ayam goreng highly recommended hehe

  3. Never try any food at IKEA before so I cannot comment much😅.

    1. You should try! Please take the almond cake too!