My Super Weird and Chaotic Internship Experience (Part 2)

March 10, 2020

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Well, I started the first day of my internship with motorcycle pooling. Sounds cool? It's indeed. Hahaha.

So what happened on my first day? There's nothing weird that happened, just a typical registration and administration day as an intern. I went to my supervisor (she is so nice and kind seriously), then I went to my office and started to socialize with new colleagues in the office. Honestly, even though our age gap is so big but they are very outgoing and happy. Very positive environment. I'll share my internship in another post later.

Fast forward...

I moved to UPM Kolej 2 after 2 weeks of struggling at that ghost house. Thanks to my high-school friend for helping with my evacuation. Love y'all. So, I continued my life as an intern as usual until one day, I got sick.


Are you kidding me?! Who told me that you only get chickenpox once in a life? We need to talk, seriously!

First, I stuck in the haunted house, then my motorcycle was broken, and now I got chickenpox!

Can you imagine how hard my life had been?

On the positive side, I got medical leave for 2 weeks hahaha and on another extra positive side, I don't need to replace those leave in order to complete my internship duration.

Have you heard about Neem or Daun Semambu? or have you heard about Himalaya skincare products? They use neem as their main ingredient. Basically, I slept on this leave, layered with a thin cloth, for a week. Don't worry, I'll share my experience on that later.

I think that's all I have for this post. 

See you soon!

Neem Leaves

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  1. Kak ana kena chickenpox masa darjah 6. Skrg tgl parut2 je. Huhu

    1. Parent cakap saya dah kena time kecil tapi nasib kurang baik dah 21 pun still kena hahahha