My Favourite Tealive Drink At This Moment

March 04, 2020

Rip off those bubble freaking tea or boba whatsoever. It's not good for health either. Let hype up this health-friendly drink because I'm crazy about the Mango Passion Fruit Smoothies with Coconut Jelly from Tealive.

Tealive's description: This drink has finely-shaved ice mixed with passionfruit pulp and mango to make up one of the fruitiest blends on our list of smoothies! (source:

It's so refreshing and energizing. Super suitable for these flaring hot days. The mango and passion fruit taste so good and full. There's actually a lot of pulps inside the drink but I already stirred them in the picture. My bad, I should have taken the picture first. Lol.

And those coconut jellies? oh my God, it's so majestic!!! Can you imagine the sourness of the mango and passion fruit added with some tinge of coconut sweetness on top? Superb!

I've also tried some other smoothies like the Strawberry Pudding Smoothies but so far this is the best. I couldn't convince more and this is obviously not a sponsored post. It's just an honest review from a super satisfied customer. 

So go grab your Mango Passion Fruit Smoothies now. Don't forget to add coconut jelly because I love it. Hahaha byep! Update me if you have got yours!

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  1. aside of milk tea, this one is my favourite too, with sparkling. so refreshing.

    1. sparkling is da boom! but I don't like the idea of carbonated drink that much. It makes me burping non-stop lol.

  2. I also like Tealive drink but I have tried their brown sugar pearl milk tea only.

    1. Ohhh you should try it. Believe me you won't regret!