Got My First TYPO 2020 Planner (It's a gift!!)

March 11, 2020

Hello guys!!!

I'm so so so overwhelmed right now.

After a drought year without any gifts, finally, I got one!

And what's more interesting is the gift is actually a 2020 Planner from TYPO. Can you believe it? I actually tweeted about this few days back, saying that I really hope that one day I'll be able to own a TYPO planner at least once in my life. It's because the planner is quite pricey. I need to think twice before buying it. Hahaha.

Until this one good friend came and surprise me with it, Oh God, I'm clueless the second this planner was given to me. I have no words to describe how grateful I am. Thanks, Nas, you are the best. I've let her sign on the first page as an appreciation. For a notebook collector like me, each of our notebooks has extreme sentimental value and memories.

Thank you so much, Nas.

Meet My 2020 Planner!

A Maniac Notebook Collector, I have a lot more actually

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  1. First time jumpa lelaki yang minat collect planner. Selalunya perempuan je yang minat benda2 macam ni😂.

    1. actually itu semua bukan planner. noteboook yang dalam kosong. haa saya suka kumpul buku mcm tu. ni first planner saya hahaha

  2. nanti plan nak tulis apa dalam buku2 tu? hehe

    cover don't hide your talent tu nampak attractive anyway

    1. Takde plan nak tulis pun.. mmg nak biar kosong je hahaha entah lah