Wait! What? Final Trimester?

March 08, 2020

Hey guys!

Welcome to my channel again. It's me again. So today I'm gonna talk about, wait! what? This is not a youtube video. Dammit.


Hey guys! Thanks for landing in.

I think I don't have to say much about the title because YES!!! I'M IN THE FINAL TRIMESTER OF MY FINAL YEAR NOW!

Is this even real? Dude, I've been in Melaka for 4 years now. Need to pinch somewhere.

If you haven't read anything about me ranting on every new term, here I embedded some of them for you, As It Comes to End and Breathing My 2nd Year Vibes. there's a lot more, don't forget to read it!

Okay, clear it out, clear it out. Why am I writing like this lol? Back to the structured sentences and grammar.

Yes, it's true that I have already enrolled in the first and second trimester of my final year, which also means I have done my final year project. (I'll talk about my fyp later)

As the legend says, the final year will never be nice to you. I couldn't deny it because there are too much truth and realness in it. I could sense more and more struggles are running towards me. Damnn I'm scared.

It has been a great journey indeed. Four years man, what do you expect? The struggles...sigh.

I actually have lost my word right now because it means that I also have been logging for 4 years too. I started to blog in November 2016 and now is March 2020. Wow! That was fast, dude.

So next semester will be the last time to be in Melaka. The last semester to hang out with my friends. The last semester to face all those assignments and tests. Fuh, I'm mix-feeling tho. I don't know either should be happy or sad.

I think I need to calm down first. I'm still in shock. Let's just pray and hope that everything will be fine. Till next time.

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  1. good luck with your studies! may Allah ease :)


    1. Thank you so much! Tak sabar nak habis hahaa